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Image by Dominik Sostmann

About Us

Combat Division was established in 2015 by former military and police professionals. All of our staff have extensive service backgrounds with deep subject matter expertise garnered through years of serving in high pressure situations with elite teams across the globe.

We practice what we preach and we tailor every training package specifically to each client.


The action of leading a group of people or an organisation.


The ability to do something frightening. There are two components: Moral Courage and Physical Courage.


Training that makes people more able to control themselves.


Combat Division is based in Poland, a stable and innovative country in the heart of Europe with an impressive economy and modern infrastructure.


Combat Division has facilities across Poland within easy reach of major international transport hubs and we are able to deploy training teams at short notice to anywhere in the world.



Combat Division utilise a wide array of modern weaponry and cutting-edge resources to provide the best training possible to all of our clients. Safety is a priority and we ensure that all clients are safe and confident in using a weapon before they are allowed to fire on the ranges.

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