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Weapons Training

We offer Weapons Training services for organisations, groups and individuals.

We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it. 

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Our Core Skills

We use a wide variety of weapons on both indoor and outdoor range facilities across Poland.

All of our clients are trained and tested in weapon handling and proficiency prior to live firing to ensure that they can safely use the live range facilities. 


We employ only the highest calibre of instructors with elite service backgrounds from across the world. All instruction is carried out by patient, experienced professionals, using a tried and tested curriculum. We cater for all skill levels whether you are a security industry professionals or an individual who wants to learn more about the use of weapons.

Award Winning

We’ve won more awards than we can count, but we don’t let that go to our heads. We dedicate ourselves to every project.

Expert Team

Your project will be handled by experts every time. We make sure you have the most experienced professionals working with you. 

Quality Guaranteed

You’ll find the support you need to ensure that things runs smoothly. We’re here to help you with any questions.


Every Day is a School Day

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